Testing Laboratory


  • Aerodynamics

The first part of the REMAK testing laboratory is designed to measure the aerodynamic parameters of active and passive elements, i.e. fans, filters, etc. Aerodynamic parameters are understood as the air flow rate and external pressure. Measurements of electrical parameters and speed are part of active element aerodynamic measurements.

  • Acoustics

The second part of the testing laboratory is made up by the reverberation room, which is designed to measure the sound power level of active elements.

  • Thermodynamics

In this testing laboratory, thermodynamic measurements mainly related to parameters defined by the EN 1886 standard are also carried out using a thermo camera and other testing methods.

  • Special research and development measurements

We are able to modify conditions in the testing laboratory in relation to the product being developed.

One example for all, when we developed the 2nd generation of REMAK swimming-pool units, it was necessary to create extreme winter conditions: fresh air temperature of -15°C at 90% humidity and outlet air temperature of 30°C at 60% humidity. These conditions were maintained for a period of 3 months during the summer season, when outside temperatures climbed above 30°C.