Cleanroom and healthcare

Cleanroom and healthcare

Hygienic or clean plants are especially demanding in terms of cleanliness. Healthcare facilities and laboratories, semiconductor production and the pharmaceuticals industry are typical examples of hygienic plants.  Hygienic plants require a wholesome and comfortable environment, and an air-handling system is the only tool enabling these objectives to be achieved. 

A wholesome and comfortable environment in hospitals helps to shorten patient stays and leads to more efficient and higher quality work by physicians and other medical personnel. This results in greater patient satisfaction as well as greater capacity of the healthcare facility.

Therefore, REMAK applications are in all respects designed to be easy to clean using UV radiation and sanitation agents containing low concentrations of hypochlorites (e.g. sodium hypochlorite NaClO), chlorides, chlorates, peroxides (e.g. hydrogen peroxide H2O2), ozone (O3), etc.

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