AeroMaster FP

AeroMaster FP

AeroMaster FP modular flat air-handling units are the ideal solution for ventilation and air-conditioning of administrative buildings, restaurants and other facilities with an air flow of up to 4.000 m3/h (Ecodesign version up to 2.500 m3/h). The unique frameless design of the casing, acoustic insulation of the casing (Dpr,w = 28 dB) and labyrinth connection of the AeroMaster FP casing panels enabled us to achieve high strength and acoustic attenuation.


This product is offered to our customers for normal ventilation, for which this product has been specifically designed.


Aesthetical design

AeroMaster FP units are intended for suspension below the ceilings. Thanks to the aesthetical design they can be used in rooms without false ceilings as well. In case of installation into the false ceiling the users will certainly appreciate its low height.