Vento - now Ecodesing conform

Our new range of HRZ plate heat exchangers intended for the Vento system complies with the Ecodesign 2016 and 2018 and provides air flows up to 5000 m3/h. Thanks to its space layout flexibility, high efficiency, low pressure loss, additional features and reasonable price, it has no competition on the market.


HRZF - respects the installation height of the given Vento dimensional range.

HRZT – minimises the installation are and it is higher than the elements of the given Vento dimensional range (i.e., needs to be adapted to the standard dimensions of the Vento elements). Therefore, it is suitable for installations in corridors, stairs and areas between roof girders, such as hall-type buildings.

It also provides other additional features, such as by-pass, mixing and drop eliminator.

We offer left-hand and right-hand versions.