Our range of frequency inverter types and their options in accordance with project needs have been extended

The possibility to have the same type of frequency inverters (FI) throughout the air-handling unit or even the entire project, to be able to control the total power supply current of the device and to control the power supply system – these are the requirements of one of our customers which inspired us to prepare this innovation. Now, we provide the possibility to select frequency inverters precisely according to the project’s specific needs and customer expectations.

A complete range of FC101 frequency inverters with IP21 degree of protection and input voltage of 3x400V has been added to our offer.

In this variant, the total power supply current of motors with lower power outputs is reduced thanks to the three-phase power supply. This variant is used in cases where the calculation results in a high total power supply current to reduce the rating of the power supply line protection and the dimensions of the building wiring. Furthermore, this variant will ensure the same type of frequency inverters within the air-handling unit, respectively within the entire project. This way, the device operator is provided unified control of the frequency inverters. The frequency inverters are controlled through the well-arranged (language localized) menu on the graphic display. So the complicated search for the meaning of data points in printed manuals, as is still needed with FC51, is no longer necessary.

This variant of FC101 frequency inverters with IP21 degree of protection is a supplement to the following existing variants:

- Combination of the FC051 range with IP21 degree of protection and the FC 101 range with IP21 degree of protection. In this variant, the more cost effective, so-called “economic” frequency inverters are selected for the unit. In this case, it may occur that two types of frequency inverters are used in the air-handling unit, which means more complicated settings and commissioning of the unit as well as a non-uniform design of the frequency inverters.

- FC101 with IP54 degree of protection.

In general, these variants cover all customer needs.

The above-mentioned variants can be selected in the AeroCAD design software, so they represent a standardised solution featuring every advantage of standardisation (such as fast design and delivery, cost effectiveness, etc.).