New Solution for Positioning the Control Unit and Frequency Inverter in Outdoor Environments

When installing air-handling units and their measurement and control components outdoor, designers and installers are challenged by the problem of suitable positioning of the control unit and frequency inverters. These components require a higher level of protection against water, humidity, solar radiation and temperature fluctuations and their function must be guaranteed even at extreme temperatures.

Generally, two kinds of approach to this issue are used in the market:

- integration of these components into special a chamber as a part of the air-handling unit – which in some cases may not be convenient because the length and weight of the air-handling unit are increased, etc.).

- Use of custom-made switchboard boxes designed for outdoor installation . The disadvantages of this solution are the high price and time consuming design.

Remak has for many years also been offering the version of air-handling units with integrated measuring & control components.

Now, we introduce a standardised version of a special switchboard box for outdoor installation , which can include the VCS control unit or frequency inverters. As standard, this switchboard box is equipped with heating and forced/mechanical ventilation - to ensure cooling. The following options can be selected in our AeroCAD software :

- Additional equipment for the switchboard box, such as LED illumination and a service socket

- suspended or floor mounted versions

The advantages of our outdoor switchboxes solution are :

- Intuitive and fast selection in our AeroCAD software, which is always optimised according to the air-handling unit configuration without the need to involve an Measurement & Control designer.

- As a good practice at REMAK, documentation which includes a complete wiring diagram and wiring specifications is generated simultaneously together with the box selection.

- short lead times and favourable pricing of our standardised solution compared to custom-made boxes.

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, another great advantage of this special switchboard boxes design, especially for larger projects (more units installed), is the fact that it allows the control units/frequency inventers for all air-handling units to be "embedded" in one place and thus facilitate unit commissioning operation, etc.