Increased Efficiency of Plate Heat Exchangers

Increasing demands on parameters of plate heat exchangers, especially their efficiency, represent a trend in the area of air-handling systems which we systematically follow.

To implement counter-flow heat-exchangers into the Vento duct systems, CAKE compact units and AeroMaster FP overhead units, we are expanding our range of these products with AeroMaster XP vertically arranged modular units designed for higher air flow rates.

New counter-flow heat exchangers bring several advantages when compared with cross-flow heat exchangers:

- Higher efficiency of heat recovery

- Lower prices of units

- Shorter units

- Lower weights

- Possibility to increase the air-handling unit’s air flow rate while complying with the Ecodesign requirements

- Better access to the heat exchanger section thanks to service doors being located on all the section's quadrants

The arrangement of the new sections is designed for all variants with a lower inlet and for the vertical arrangement of the units. The counter-flow heat exchanger section is available for standard applications as well as clean plants and healthcare services.

These sections are not equipped with drop eliminators as their primary use is designed for air-handling units complying with the Ecodesign requirements, which means that the speed in the cube should not exceed 2.5 m/s and the speed in the free cross-section should not exceed approx. 2 m/s so that water drops should not be blown further into the ducting.