Data Visualization and Acquisition (SCADA VCS)

To satisfy customer needs, we have prepared for you a new web interface providing intuitive control of all air-handling parameters – SCADA VCS, which enables the following:

- Visualization of air-handling devices

- Well-arranged list of HMI-TM(DM) failures/history

- Well-arranged settings of time schedules and calendar

- Monitoring and tuning of the air-handling unit’s behaviour using trends (current/archive)

- HMI@ WEB controller, enabling access to all data points


This tool will certainly be appreciated not only by installation companies when performing regulation of air-handling devices, but also by the users, who thanks to the intuitive control can quickly orient themselves in the air-handling device assembly and will appreciate the simple way to set parameters.

SCADA VCS (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is ready for customers in all standard versions (EN, CZ, RU, LI, DU, PL and ES).

You can try out the data visualization using our demo unit via the following link (Chrome internet browser is recommended):


User name: SCADA

Password: 1234


Offering and selling have already started. It is possible to select the option Data Visualization and Acquisition (SCADA) in the AeroCAD design application. If you are interested in this product, please contact our Sales Representatives.