Cascade Control of Multiple Heat Pumps and Condensing Units

The trend towards cascade connections of inverter condensing units or heat pumps is increasingly seen especially in the EU market. The reasons for this are energy savings, price optimisation, limitations in the outputs of available cold/heat sources or the need to eliminate the failure risk of any cold/heat source.

In some applications, a cascade connection of multiple ON/OFF condensing units is still used, even though only partially, but this is still the prevailing variant in some markets.

Until now, we offered the VCS control units enabling control of multiple condensing units/heat pumps or more than two ON/OFF condensing units only as customized solutions. Now we introduce a newest innovation which is a standardized design of control units which controls up to three condensing units/heat pumps and integration of their selection into the AeroCAD software.

The algorithm used in the VCS control unit ensures protective and control functions, including alternation of individual condensing units/heat pump so that they will be in operation for the same number of operating hours. Naturally, reporting the error states of individual cold/heat sources is also available. The advantage of this innovation, as well as all the VCS control units, is the fast and complex selection in the AeroCAD software (including recommended types of cables, etc.), short lead time and the favourable price of the standardized solution.