Designing using the technology BIM (Building Information Modelling) is fast establishing whereas the standard 3D model is no longer sufficient today. Therefore, designers and customers more often require the air-handling unit selection outputs to be compatible with the BIM environment. BIM technology is gradually being incorporated into European legislation which is encouraged by government actions leading to the enactment of BIM technology in some countries in case of government contracts while other countries are preparing these kind of actions. Logically, the number of designers/consultants using BIM technology as a standard is rising. In an effort to provide BIM outputs/data as soon as possible a number of manufacturers have chosen a simpler way and created libraries of pre-defined fixed models for a limited range of products.

This approach can be seamlessly used for standardised products. For fully configurable modular units where each configuration is de facto an original, this approach is impractical and not user friendly.

At Remak, we decided rather to invest more time and prepare a truly comfortable solution, focusing on the worldwide most frequently used BIM platform Autodesk Revit. We have interconnected our AeroCAD selection software with the Revit platform. As connecting tool we have applied the open IFC file format which can be used in any other program supporting BIM processes (Allplan, ArchiCAD, etc.).Our solution is primarily intended to be used in the Autodesk Revit program (version 2017 and later).

The result is complex implementation of the entire REMAK production range. This means that any configuration one has selected in the AeroCAD software can be quickly transferred into the BIM data and can process them further. In this, we are unique in the the Czech marketand are among the few top European competitors.

Customers working with BIM software need no longer create the objects manually. For them, this means significant time savings and elimination of errors, not to mention that manual object creation for more complex AHU configurations is not possible.

This feature is available from early October 2018. However, upon request we have provided our customers with the BIM data as early as this August. For a more detailed description of how to work with this feature of export into the IFC data format, see the attached manual. To use it, it is not necessary to be a user of our AeroCAD selection software. Those who do not work with AeroCAD can request required data from their respective sales representative.

Export to IFC - manual