AeroMaster Cirrus – extended range of EC motors

A growing trend in recent years shows an increasing demand on the fans efficiency and elektricity consumption reduction of air handling units. As a result of these requirements, EC motors are gaining ground. Remak newly offer units with EC motors for air flow up to 80,000 m3/h. In order to achieve the best possible parameters, we use combine the EC motors with most efficient impellers on the market - ZAbluefin. These impellers are characterized by about 10% lower power input and by about 3-7 dB lower acoustic power level compared to commonly used fans. The EC motors offerd by Remak achieve efficiency class IE4 or IE5 also known as Super Premium class. At EC motors of IE5 efficiency class, the standard equipment includes the option of monitoring the fan using Modbus RTU standard protocol.

The main benefits of using EC motors are as following:

→ Increased air flow at which the air handling units comply with Ecodesign requirements

→ Lower power consumption and lower sound power level

→ Shorter length and lower weight of the air handling unit

→ Option to add the fan monitoring module using Modbus RTU (for EC motors efficiency class IE5 as standard)

→ Option of the continuous /stepless power control (without frequency converters) up to 80,000 m3/h of airflow